36 Days of Type 2018
My submission for the 5th Edition of the 36 Days of Type Challenge 2018
I tried to make an animation for each letter.
36daysoftype.com Instagram page: @36daysoftype
You can have a look on my instagram page: www.instagram.com/metinakcakoca
Day 1 Letter A
Day 2 Letter B for Book
Day 3 Letter C for Cheese
Day 4 Letter D for Disco
Day 5 Letter E for Elastic
Day 6 Letter F for Fire
Day 7 Letter G for Gym
Day 8 Letter H for Hotel
Day 9 Letter I for Ivy
Day 10 Letter J for Jelly
Day 11 Letter K for Knight
Day 12 Letter L for Leaf
Day 13 Letter M for Melting
Day 14 Letter N for Net
Day 15 Letter O for Ocean
Day 16 Letter P for Pool Game
Day 17 Letter Q for Quick
Day 18 Letter R for Road
Day 19 Letter S for Smoke
Day 20 Letter T for Tech
Day 21 Letter U for UpStairs
Day 22 Letter V for Vacation
Day 23 Letter W for Wave
Day 24 Letter X for ...
Day 25 Letter Y for Yak
Day 26 Letter Z for Zebra

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